SilverStripe / Zurb Foundation / SCSS / jQuery / Grunt / JavaScript / Ajax / Web App

Designers Place

Designers Place is a social network for design seekers and interior designers. The website has been built using the SilverStripe CMS. I was supplied creative and was responsible for the complete build. 

This is a web app where there is different pricing options. There is free memberships and there is also a paid membership option which gives the customer a lot more options. 

Project Details

Project: Designers Place

Client: The Refinery

Technologies: SilverStripe, Zurb Foundation, SCSS, jQuery, Grunt, JavaScript, Ajax, Web App

Website: designersplace.com.au/

Project Features

Responsive mobile first

Custom membership based system with different membership types including free and paid which give the customer access to different things

Custom search on categories, location and keyword

Statistics collection including page views and social network shares on facebook and twitter

Ajax profile pages which are inspired by behance

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